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Q: How should I set up my work area before designing my nails?
A: Put a sheet of unprinted paper under the discs so the scraper does not deposit Art Polish on your
unprotected surface.

Q: How do I clean the stamper?
A: Either blot on unprinted paper, or wipe off with a finger.

Q: How do I clean the discs and scraper?
A: Use a non-oily, non-acetone polish remover on cotton pads/balls.

Q: Can I use the Art Polish as a base coat?
A: No, it is too sticky.

Q: Can I use any nail polish with the stamper?
A: No, the Art Polish contains a substance which adheres to the disc and stamper, which regular
polish will not do.

Q: Can I mix my own colors?
A: Yes, just mix 2 colors together on the disc next to the design you want. Scrape the new color across
the design and pick up with your stamper. Example: red and yellow for orange, blue and red for
purple, yellow and blue for green, black and white for grey.

Q: Can I put the designs on bare fingernails?
A: Yes, but they will adhere and last longer if your nails are polished.

Q: Why won't the designs transfer to my fingernail?
A: Make sure you have not used lotion, or eaten anything oily. Wash hands or wipe nails lightly with
polish remover and try again.

Q: The design doesn't transfer from the disc to the stamper, why not?
A: If you push, rather than roll, the design may not transfer completely. Please look at the demo, the explanation is very clear

Q: Should I use a clear top coat over the designs?
A: Yes, and our specially designed Clear Coat works the best, without a doubt. However, if you use another brand, choose the thinnest quick dry top coat available. Wait at least a half an hour before applying and don't dab. Brush over designs quickly, or they may smudge.

Q: Can I stamp designs on other things?
A: Yes, but be careful removing the design if applied to plastic. It's best to scratch off an unwanted
design with your fingernail, because Nail Polish Remover may adversely affect plastic.

Q: How long will the designs last?
A: With a top coat, as long as your polish does.

Q: How long will the discs last?
A: They are laser etched in stainless steel, so probably longer than we will.

Q: The scraper looks like a razor blade. Is it dangerous?
A: No! The scraper is a blunt metal edge. However, children should be supervised.